Within this two kilometre area in Madrid there’s €400 million for Spanish startups

(Spanish version)

Since we moved into our new offices in Madrid, we’ve spontaneously bumped into many Spanish VCs around the area.

Since this has happened in several occasions, we started thinking of the VCs that have their offices in this area of the city, and we found out that in just two square kilometers there’s at least 10 Spanish Venture Capital firms.

The biggest concentration of Spain’s Venture Capital industry is concentrated in just two square kilometers. From the Gregorio Marañón roundabout to Plaza de la Independencia, we’ve counted the following 10 firms, with Cabiedes & Partners a bit further north:

  • Axon Partners Group
  • Adara VP
  • Bankinter
  • Big Sur Necotium
  • Bonsai Venture Capital
  • K Fund
  • Kibo Ventures
  • Qualitas Equity Partners
  • Samaipata Ventures
  • Seaya Ventures

This concentration of firms and capital for startups -almost €400 million from currently active funds, according to Crunchbase- would be unimaginable a few years ago. One more example of the maturation of the Spanish technology industry and great news for entrepreneurs and startups. And, as Marek Fodor said on Twitter, we only need 400 companies so that we can all be happy.

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