Putting Spain in context: ‘The State of European Tech’ 2016

(En español)

Atomico, one of Europe’s iconic Venture Capital firms, published the 2016 version of its ‘The State of European Tech’ report this week at Slush. It’s a must read for anyone involved and interested in the European technology ecosystem, as it provides an in-depth overview of the ins and outs of the startup scene in the old continent.

The report has several slides showcasing very interesting data about Spain and its tech hubs, which we’ve added below as images. But seriously, you should read the whole thing to know what’s going on in Europe right now and what the future holds.

The launch of the report coincided with the announcement that Alexis Bonte (founder of eRepublik Labs and a member of Chamberi Valley) will join Atomico as an ‘executive in residence’, helping the firm source deals from Spain, France and Portugal. We believe this is great news for Spanish startups and investors, and at K Fund we’re very much looking forward to collaborating with Alexis and Atomico in this new adventure.

With no further ado, these are some of the slides featuring data about Spain. But please, read the whole thing. Atomico and Slush have done a superb job.