People are king: Ramón Egea joins K Fund as Chief Talent Officer

(Spanish version)

Yes, it’s people who make a difference. It can the best tech in the world, the most innovative business model, the biggest market in the world; but if behind all of the above there’s not a great team or a great person that can take a project from idea to reality, it’s basically useless.

People need to share a common goal, a similar way of seeing the world and of transforming projects into unique companies. They need to build a company culture based on principles and values that guide all decisions. If there’s something that we’re certain about at K Fund it’s exactly that: people are key, what makes a company unique is their own way of doing things.

Talent is a constant obsession of us and we want it to be so too for the entrepreneurs that, luckily, we get to work with. We want them to hire the best people and to build their companies on solid ground.

That’s why we’re super excited to announce that we’re more prepared than ever to help companies in hiring the best people and building the best possible company culture.

We’re going to achieve this with the help of Ramón Egea, who joins us (and our portfolio companies) as K Fund’s Chief Talent Officer. Ramón will work very closely with our current and future startups, helping them find and hire the best talent available and to put in place a culture and way of doing things that’s scalable and, most importantly, useful. He worked for many years at Jobandtalent, so he knows really well the technology industry and what’s like to work with different kinds of people and workers.

We’re sure we’ll learn a whole lot from him and we’ll find new and interesting ways of building great teams.

Welcome Ramón!