Our investment in Coverfy

(In Spanish)

“Hola Iñaki! I’m going to the US to explore new models because I’m going to build a new company. I’m very interested in the world of insurtech. I’ll keep you posted”

“Hey Vicente! Let me know when you make up your mind because I want to invest. You know that pretty much anything you do, I like, and we’ll probably be interested”

And although the above is not 100% true, it’s the kind of thing that happens when an entrepreneur of Vicente Arias’ caliber tells you that he’s about to start new company. You want to invest even if you don’t exactly understand what he’s going to build; and not just us, many firms and business angels were on queue to invest and Vicente has chosen us before them. Thank you, Vic.

On top of that, there’s the following:

  • We think the insurance market is about to be disrupted and many things will happen over the next few years. And contrary to, for example, the finch industry, it’s not a price-driven market.
  • He’s built a superb team that has already fought in many battles. Manu Arianoff, Jesus Monleon, Sacha Fuentes, Yulia Babintseva, Miguel Estrada… a dream team!
  • They have great traction
  • We can add value for many reasons, including our personal experience

So, what’s Coverfy and why has K Fund invested in the company?

Coverfy is the first mobile-first insurance broker in Spain. It allows you to optimise and manage all of your insurance contracts in an intelligent way. And it’s easy and free for consumers.

Do you want to bring your insurance policies with us? Do you want to know if you can improve them? Join Coverfy.