7 out of every 10 euros invested in Spanish startups come from international investors, and that’s good news

(En español)

We think it’s very good for investors to understand our limits: how much capital we can provide, how much feedback or support we can give, the extent of our networks and expertise, our abilities to help beyond our borders, etc.

We think this is something that hasn’t been very well understood at times, but it’s always good to be reminded that, as firms formed by humans, we’re limited by nature. There’s a limit to the things we know, to the things we can do and to our network.

That’s why at K Fund we’re big believers in global companies that tackle big markets. We truly believe that we can help teams at the early stage, while building stellar tech, operations and sales teams in our country, but when it comes to expanding internationally, we want to partner with the very best VC firms out there.

Some of these larger VCs will have the right set of abilities and expertise to help Spanish companies scale even further, and we’re happy to take a back seat at later stages of investment (post Series A) to see them mature into juggernauts. That’s one of our goals.

In the meantime, we’re happy helping local teams build great products and put together amazing teams, while we also work hard to extend the length of our VC network in the rest of Europe and in the US.

So far this year, almost seven out of every ten euros invested in Spanish startups came from international investors. This means that Spanish entrepreneurs and companies are doing something good, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.